Deafland Uk Rally 4 At Shrewsbury July 2019

Deafscope attended Deafland UK Rally 4 In July, it was a fantastic event, where about 900 Deaf from all over the UK attended. The atmosphere was electrifying, which show the Deaf Community enjoying the Campsite full of Activities, events, performances and stalls held by Deaf people selling their handmade products, services available for the Deaf Community. We had a stall there and it was a success, we had the opportunity to meet people and demonstrate what Deafscope is and does. We showed that Deaf people having their own businesses are able to sign up on our website to enable the wider Deaf Community to find them easily and instantly.


We would  like to thank the Deafland Uk Rally Co- Ordinators Peter Kane, Mark Tolson,  Deafland  UK Rally Support Team- Stephen Robinson,  Dean Martin,  Derek Rowley, admins and volunteers for organising such a massive event that was a great success, we look forward to the next one, Deafland Rally 5!!

Please see Video of the event with our stall present.


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