Deafscope Team meets 2 Deaf men foot walk from John O’Groats to Land’s End!

Deafscope Team has the pleasure of meeting the amazing Two Deaf men Mark and Daniel who are doing the amazing sponsored walk from John O’Groats all the way to Land’s End! They have already raised nearly  £21,000 for Deaf mental Health charities Deaf4Deaf and Sign health!


Here The Director of Deafscope meets them and asks them how they felt.

They both explain how they are overwhelmed with the support from the Deaf Community, encouraging words which has impacted and motivated them to carry on as this is an important issue in the Deaf Community about the lack of access in Deaf mental Health, they are very passionate in reducing suicide in the Deaf community especially with the rise of Deaf Mens  suicides in the recent months.  With the money they have raise they aim to improve the quality of Deaf people lives with more support and a better access in the mental Health sectors.


We all applaud them (not forgetting the brilliant Driver Chris too who has been driving and monitoring Mark and Daniel to ensure there are safe and no harm comes to them) , for doing something so challenging and not giving up, we all are rooting for them to reach the end and we sure hope to be there to greet them again !!

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