Help & Support

Deafscope is a brand new website and directory and is in 'beta' stage. This means that on occasion some technical difficulties may be experienced by our members and business partners. If you do face any issues or you simply need help setting up your account, please get in touch.

For help with account setup or adding a listing...

If you are not experiencing technical difficulties but need help with going through the process of creating a member or business account; see the videos below.

The website isn't working as it should...

To reporting a problem with the website please email

I have purchased a promotional product but have not received an update or confirmation...

Please email to get an update on your purchase.

I added a business listing but it hasn't been approved yet...

We need time to review your new business listing. We have to check if your business meets the criteria we have set for Deafscope business listings. We want to ensure all businesses are Deaf-friendly with adequate Deaf access.

If something is missing from your listing page...

Please get in touch if you are missing details about your business on your listing page.

Your page content is based on the information you gave us on sign up. If you feel some of this is missing please email us at

When will you feature businesses from my home town?

We are working hard to feature every Deaf-friendly and Deaf-owned business in the UK (and beyond), but we can only do this one region at a time.

Please create your membership account now and we will inform you when listings for your area are added.


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