Tag: Deaf Community

Aug 01
Deafland Uk Rally 4 At Shrewsbury July 2019

Deafscope attended Deafland UK Rally 4 In July, it was a fantastic event, where about…

Jul 24
Deaf Street party! 20th July 2019 London

Deafscope attended the Deaf Street party in London on 20th July 2019 organised by…

Jul 22
Deafscope Team meets 2 Deaf men foot walk from John O’Groats to Land’s End!

Deafscope Team has the pleasure of meeting the amazing Two Deaf men Mark and Daniel…

Jul 22
Deafscope Presentation/ Workshop at Deaf Cultural Centre In Birmingham

On the 12 July 2019, Deafscope continued with their Deafscope presentation and…


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